Latinos Are One, LR1, is a place where Latinos come together as one to be inspired by one another.

In it's first season, LR1 took music fans inside the creative process as GRAMMY-winning producer Andres Levin brought together three rising musicians of different heritages and musical backgrounds to craft a new song celebrating the diversity and strength the American Latino culture.

Over the course of three days, Levin and Hip-Hop MC Velcro, Jean Shepherd from the rock band Navegante, and singer-songwriter Debi Nova combined their talents to create "Maña y Corazón" –a new single that showcased the current creativity of independent Latin music. Season 2 takes "Maña y Corazón" to a different level when the song was used as source of inspiration to various artists to create their own unique take on the message.

We now invite you to take part in the experience. Take the song that inspired the artists or one of their pieces and come up with your own inspired art.

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